Mar 8, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday // Electric Twist

Funny how things work out I think. My cousin posted this song on her facebook page a couple of weeks ago and I found it growing on me. Then today, Ashley in Wonderland posted on her blog about A Fine Frenzy, and since it was by her inspiration that I have implemented tunes on Tuesday, it only seemed fitting to follow suit.

Here is a different song from the group, one that I have listened to over and over in days past. It makes me happy, so what more can I really say? Just listen.

Electric Twist //  A Fine Frenzy

Favorite Lyrics:
Picked from a hot grove,
Packaged for sale.
It drips down the sleeves,
Gets under your nails.

It is definatley a song that reminds me of summer, and man oh man, I cannot wait for that to come and come quickly. Especially since it snowed yesterday. I am frowning at it right now from my office window. Be gone!

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