Mar 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

1. Researching Canon Rebel xti remotes and knowing more about the products than the sales staff at the local camera store. I hate after market!!! But had no choice.
2. Listening to my own voicemail greeting. "Hi, you have reached London's cell phone and I must be away from my phone. Please leave a message and I'll try to call you back soon." Anyone need a polite, generic, awkward VM greeting you know who to call.
3. Pretending to listen to my coworker while I type this. I laugh, smile, and turn my head once in a while, but have no clue what she is talking about. "Yesterday you ate a meatball sub? Excellent! Oh, your doctor thinks you might be suffering form severe strep infection and the whole side of your face is swelled up like a baseball? That's nice." Nod, smile. Turn back to the moniter.
4. Going to spin class yesterday, and walking around today. I look like a cowboy! What's worse? Sitting down.
5. Testing out my new remote and deciding that it is not nearly as trustworthy as the one I lost, and telling it so while people wander past. Yep, always a crowd pleaser. 

1. Eating nachos (pictured above). My mom ate them practically every night while she was pregnant with me, so naturally I am an expert.
2. Starting work on my novel, again. I love picking it up, reading a page, and thinking Man, I would actually read this is it were a book. It’s ok to think of yourself as awesome, right? ‘Cause I am.
3. Hearing that my cousin is coming to visit me this weekend. Now I actually have a reason to clean my house, and yes it might be crazy, but I think that is awesome.
4. My dog is a genius! Today she understood the word shower. I said it and she scrambled into her kennel because she hates the shower.
5. Writing out my accounting at work with a sparkly blue gel pen. It was all I had at the time and you can guess how awesome that was.


  1. coworker conversations dull my brain cells. on another note, i got a totally awesome remote from amazon and it works really well! plus it was relatively inexpensive. i don't know if that helps, i'm just trying to quell your remote-blues :-)