Mar 23, 2011

The Concert!!

Auh-mazing night, as you might have guessed. First we ate at California Pizza Kitchen, walked the Gateway Mall, then headed over to the concert. We rocked and rolled until Bon Jovi and I weren't "Strangers Anymore." Thanks to my M.I.L. we had great seats. We were above the portal and one row back. Seriously, when he walked to the corner of the stage on our side I could almost just reach out and touch him. He even smiled up at me!
One thing though, that made me soooo mad was the fact that there were signs all over the place saying no food, no drinks, no weapons, no this, no that, and NO CAMERAS! So I hoofed it all the way back to the car to remove my camera and bag of M&M's from my pocket 'cause I'm a good girl and like to follow the rules. The Superman and I get back in line and there is this fifty some-odd lady in front of us who literally shows us the three bottles of alcohol she is sneaking in. The whole time in line I am begging the universe that she gets searched, but guess what? Yep. Nothing. I didn't eve get searched, which is a miracle. If I had my big ugly bag on me, which I purposefully left in the car, then I could easily have snuck in my camera and had way better pictures than this. Instead I have a handful of shots taken from my family's phones. Not the best, but eh, it was Bon Jovi. He is beautiful no matter the megapixles.
 The main reason we got tickets for the concert was because my brother knows every Bon Jovi song known to man. He listens day in and day out. You should have seen his face when Jon Jon walked out on stage. It was better than Christmas. He was starstruck and I don't think this fist came out of the air for even one second.
My ears are still ringing and my eyes will be eternally etched with this rock star shaking it in leather pants. I didn't post any pics of me because who wants to see that when this guy is on stage. Besides, concert attire for me is sneakers, jeans, Tshirt and hoodie. Pretty bland when compared to the leather clad women who were nearly toppling out of their "clothes." So there you have it, the concert.

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