Mar 9, 2011

Dear Baby Week 5

(Week 5) Wednesday, March 9th
Dear Baby,
            It is official, the test proved it. You are there. Granted, you are only a little speck, not even visible to the naked eye yet, but you are there. Mama is still feeling sick and Papa is still feeling excited. We drove Ashton up to Layton with uncle Lincoln in the car. At the mall Mama enjoyed her pretzel bites and some of Papa’s Orange Julius. After we got home we stopped and picked up a home pregnancy test. Two pink lines, that meant that you were there. We want to tell you how that all went.
            Mama and Papa, as soon as they had the box in hand they were reading instructions. How the test worked, what to do, how to read it. Turns out it took three minutes so Mama left the test upstairs, vowing to Papa that she wouldn’t look before he did. So we waited, even setting the timer on the stove, for three whole minutes. Then we scrambled upstairs together, flicked on the light, and crouched over the test. Guess what? Two pink bars! You are there. You exist.
            Mama couldn’t contain herself and had to tell someone, so she called your Grandma and Grandpa, who told your Auntie Kelsey. Grandma didn’t sound like she believed it and Grandpa ran out of the room to hurry and tell Kels. Uncle Lincoln wasn’t there, he plays basketball on Wednesday nights, but Mama will be sure he finds out tomorrow. They were all very excited. Papa couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the night. That night, in our prayers we thanked Heavenly Father for you and also asked him to help you grow and be healthy. We already love you so much.
                                    Love you,
                                                Mama & Papa

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