Mar 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

1. Showing my hubby old pictures of me in High School. Braces make everything more awkward. Can you see me? I would honestly be amazed if you guess right.
2. Working hard not to flick the flapper out of my nose, but also feeling like everyone and their dog can see it. Tissue? Kleenex? Anyone!?!?
3. Texting "Don't spill the beans." You should try it some time.
4. Smiling around a mouth full of delicious Oreo cookie icecream when Superman tries to make me laugh. That will teach him.
5. My stapler is going through a mid life crisis right now or maybe it has PMS. Either way, I probably should stop being nice to it and just tell it to get over it and do its job already! But that might be awkward.

1. Wore my cute slippers to work today. Not house shoes, cute slippers. I will probably have to post a picture so you don't think I am some kind of slouch.
2. The Superman's willingness to make me melted cheese and pickle sandwiches for dinner, knowing full well that it means he won't get any kisses for the rest of the night.
3. The movie "Get Low." If you like going to a brainless, no thinking necesserary, action packed movies, then you will probably hate it.
4. Seeing "Rango" with my cousin, brother, mom, dad, and Superman. I didn't hate it and I laughed out loud on several occasions. Mostly I just loved the gigantic bucket of popcorn that only cost $2.50.
5. Waking up with some sunshine. It is not exactly warm outside, but it is getting there slowly.

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