Mar 10, 2011

You Say Potato, I Say Fries

{tank :: tjmaxx}{sweater :: oldnavy}{necklace :: f21}
{pants :: limited}{boots :: nordstromrack}
Not impressed with these photos or this outfit so moving on. THE LOCATION! I love this place called Gurus. They have the best sweet potato fries ever. Promise. Unfortunately everything else on their menu I have tried so far has not been my favorite. Either it gives me bad breath, is crammed full of blue cheese, or is way to big to enjoy in a single sitting. I am thinking that means I need to go in early on the weekend and try out their breakfast menu. I could eat breakfast for every meal a day. Breakfast and I are like this (crossing my first and middle finger to symbolize how tight we are). Then maybe I can give this place a better review.

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