Mar 17, 2011

Dear Baby Week 7

(Week 7) Thursday, March 17th
Dear Baby,
            I guess you are not about half the size of a baby pea, 2-5mm. Not very big. Unfortunately we won’t really know until the second week of April, I rescheduled my appointment today, bumping it back from the 23rd of March to the 3rd of April. I hope everything goes alright until then. You will be privileged to attend a Bon Jovi concert as well as take a trip to St. George all before you even get to hear the doctor. You are one spoiled little half baby pea.
Today you wanted French fries and would not be denied. On my way home I went over to Tommy’s and ordered fries and friesauce and ate almost all of them, piping hot, before I even got home. Delicious. So good in fact, that Pepper wanted to share with me. I couldn’t say no to that face. Then we all, Papa included, took a little nap on the bed. Mama slept for an hour and Papa went downstairs to watch the BYU tournament game. I came down after halftime and finished it off with him. It was pretty lousy to watch, and you didn’t miss much.
            Then we went out for Papa’s birthday dinner since he is working tomorrow. We decided on Village Inn, Grandpa Gygi and Uncle Linc came too. It was really fun, you wanted hash browns and I started thinking I must be low on starch or something. Pie was good too, but that is not much of a surprise.
            Cravings: hot, salty potatoes.
            Sickenings: stinky dirty dishes in the sink. Papa did them for me, he is so nice.

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