Apr 3, 2011

Today I Feel Like a Kite

Today I nearly blew away while I was out running errands. It was actually kind of fun, but as you can see, I am no wind blown model. My eyes get ugly slitty and my hair freaks out. Welcome to reality.
Lately I have really been working hard to find pictures of myself that I actually like. I don't really consider myself to be that vain of a person, and I love being in candid shots. But you put me in a personal, one on one setting with a camera, my heart sinks. I always can find something wrong: my teeth, my hair, my clothes, my posture. But these, these I like! They are just realistic. I probably need to snag a photographer instead of snapping pics of myself. Maybe then it would be less awkward.

1 comment:

  1. I love these photos! They are beautiful, as are you! I really love your short hair, but I am a little biased (I have short hair, too). :)

    North Meets South