Apr 1, 2011

Dear Baby Week 8

(Week 8) Friday Later, April 1st
Dear Baby,
            Your first day of vacation was a success. We arrived safely, we walked to TJ Maxx to get Papa a swim suit and Mama a coverup, we slept by the pool, we swam, and we ate dinner at Benja’s. Then we went out for frozen custard and Clayt took fat face pictures of us and we all laughed so hard our stomachs hurt (sorry about that by the way, it was probably tight in there for you). All in one day’s vacation. Not too shabby.
            Today I also told Auntie ‘Laina, Uncle Mark, Makelle, Clayt, and Uncle Ty about you. I think Auntie ‘Laina is the most excited of them all. She gave us a big hug when I told her it wasn’t an April Fools joke.
                                    Love you,
                                                Mama & Papa

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