Mar 31, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

from the left : two students in my dad's ward, my little bro, me, and my dad
1. This picture of me, but I've seen worse so I still posted it.
2. Discovering frozen yogurt today by accidentally putting my yogurt cups in the freezer. I got all excited and showed my friend at work, but she said she had been doing it for like ten years. Darn it! There goes my latest and greatest invention idea.
3. I am mostly eating salt and vinegar chips these days and that can make having a face to face discussion a little bit awkward. P U!
4. My nails are growing rapidly and I keep scratching myself. "What happened there?" someone asks. I say, "I did it." "Oh," they say, "and there?" pointing to another red welt. "Me." I swear, I am a non violent person. Don't hold my klutziness against me.
5. Awkward that I have only posted Awkward and Awesome posts the last week and a half. I swear to you, my life is exciting!

1. Supported my dad for his Rex Lee 10K over this last weekend (pictured above). I rode my bike to the stadium with my brother, only about a twenty minute ride, but still thought our efforts deserved unlimited french toast at Magleby's.
2. Packing for a "Spring Break" this weekend! I cannot wait to get away from work, even though I am only taking one day off. It is still Spring Break in my eyes.
3. Took my dog to the pet store yesterday to get her nails trimmed and everyone kept saying she had the most beautiful face. I am one of those proud pet mom's who says, "Yah, she gets that from me."
4. We had to pay 800 bucks in taxes this year, I know, NOT AWESOME! But my husband remembered he has an extra paycheck next month which is a rarity, so we don't have to get behind on our bills. What a blessing that will be. Phew! Totally awesome.
5. I have been at work for a whole hour and it feels like only five minutes. I love when a day at work flies by like this.

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