Apr 24, 2011

Dear Baby Week 12

(Week 12) Sunday, April 24th
Dear Baby,
            Happy Easter! I want you to know that this is a time of rebirth and renewal, not only because the weather permits it in the northern hemisphere, but because I know that our Savior was resurrected so that we too could have our bodies and spirits reunited after death. Easter is one of the biggest reminders of the atonement and I can’t wait to teach you about it.
            Well you are about the size of a large plum. Every time I see Uncle Linc he asks how big you are, still. In fact, I have probably told him three times this week that I really don’t know how big you are. All I can do is read and guess. He is excited none the less to hear about what is going on in there.
            Today had a rough start. Papa and I stayed up late last night finishing up our Sunday School lessons. We were teaching about how Jesus healed the blind man and how he was called the Good Shepherd. Needless to say these two topics took a lot of extra study on our parts. If you think waving your arms and kicking is hard right now, just you wait until you get to teach a pack of fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen year olds. They are delightful, but I always feel like I am telling them things they already know and then when I ask a question they all stare at the carpet. I really need to find a better way to get them to participate. To top it off, I was also asked to speak in a couple of weeks. Phew!
            One good thing happened in class though. One of my girls asked if I was pregnant and since I can’t lie in church I told them all that I was. They were all happy for us and excited. That was pretty fun news to share with them. Then in Relief Society one of my good friends from the ward came and sat by me, giving me a squeeze and saying how excited she is for our family. I have to admit, moments like that make me more excited too.
            When we got home from church, Papa and I took a long, well deserved nap. One thing I love about weekends is the time I can dedicate to simply sleeping. We didn’t have any plans until dinner so we both just curled up under the blankets and dozed off. Granted, for Papa it was more like bulldozed because he snores, but you get used to it. When we woke up it was time to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s for Easter Eggs and dinner. All in all a fun filled, spiritual, relaxing Sunday. I look forward to sharing many of those with you, but doubt it will happen for quite a while.
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