May 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I am glad Sydney is back to her Awkwardness and Awesomest self. I am also pleased that we share some awkwardness this week. The magic belly bump and the hyperactive bladder make for some pretty strange moments, to be sure.

1. Having half of my office know I'm pregnant and having the other half think I am just getting fat. When they come upstairs and see my stash of snacks their eyes get all wide and pleading, but I just clutch my tube of Pringles to my chest and shoo them away. "MY PRINGLES!"
2. Taking Hubby along to Dr. appointments. Don't get me wrong, it is nice to have him there, but not exactly comfortable when the Doc says to strip down. Thanks a lot.
3. My mom buying boy baby stuff. We don't even know the gender yet. Neighbors come over and they tell me congratulations about the little baby boy and I have to tell them that we don't know. They quizzically look back and forth between me and a box full of blue and I just shrug.
4. Weeping over selling my two door convertible. Yes, I am attached to my car. Yes, she had a name, "Sassy." And yes, I never want to let her go.
5. "Goodbye Gogie." A running joke in the family is that if I have twin boys I already have names bequeathed from my Grandmother, Hugo and Gogie. If that isn't awkward enough I made the mistake of telling my SIL about it and now her little two year old is saying "Goodbye Gogie," to my navel whenever he leaves.
6. Being unable to find "cute" elastic waist bottoms in any store and trying on every single ugly pair in hopes that something will work. I need shorts people!

1. My Superman talking to the bump in my belly. He will give me a hug, kiss, and tell me he loves me. Then he rubs the baby and says, "And I love you too!" I love this.
2. Family carnival. We had soooooo much fun gathering together, eating, and playing the carnival games The Superman built. It was the perfect day.
3. Seven nephews and water guns. I just can't get enough.
4. Hawaiian Pizza. I just cannot begin to say how awesome it is to get this pizza just for me since Superman doesn't like pineapple on his pizza. This could literally be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
5. My garden is planted and there are about ten perpperoncini plants. Take that!! Oh, and some tomatoes too, but only five of those. Cravings anyone?
6. I am a tigress at heart. Just discovered it this past weekend when I found this awesome mask on the prize table. Guess that is why I was born in the year of the tiger. In fact, I am a FIRE tiger. Even better.

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