May 31, 2011

London's B-day

Got this note from Hubby and since it's my birthday I'll share if I want to.

Happy Birthday my love, and since I gave you your present early (the Simplicity clock. See older post) I wanted to do something special for you. I know its nothing great, but you is my Love and I wish you the best of days. I unfortunately don't get a chance to really be with you today, because you has to work late and I have to work as well. So by the time you gets home, I'll be gone.

Just so you know, you are the BEST thing to ever happen to me. You should know this by now from all of my sisters saying that they'd rather have you in the family than me. I wanted to make a list of things that make you so special in my life. Note I did not say the top things, as I did not want to put a priority list together, just a list of those things that I love so much about you.

1. When I mumble on about nothing trying to get my point across you just smile and let me keep talking. That and you know what I am trying to say.
2. You love working in the yard, and are willing to mow the lawn when my allergies get too bad.
3. When I make something for you, you count every hour I spent in the garage as time spent on you.
4. No matter how hard of a day I am having you can cheer me up without even trying. Your smile is very contagious.
5. You talked me into a getting a dog. Thank you for the Pepper-Potts.
6. You love your family so very much. I can only imagine the love you will give to your own kids.
7. You are so kind to all the people in your life. Including those at work who annoy you and ask a lot from you. (i.e. - working late on your birthday for someone who wanted the day off.)
8. In a time where people are only thinking about themselves you only think of others.
9. You have an incredible sense of responsibility. Even when you don't want to do something, if you've given your word you get it done. Even with all this morning sickness you've been having.
10. You don't let pain and sickness get in the way of having a good day.
11. You seem to gather friends all around you. I have been in our ward for twice as many years as you have and I think you have three times as many friends.
12. You like to keep all your friends for life.
13. You are always willing to spend time with my family and even let me throw large parties at our house for them. (i.e. - The Carnival Saturday)
14. You encourage me in all my crazy ideas. Including this business idea of mine.
15. You don't mind when I want to go look at all the tools I can't afford at the store.
16. You get so excited when it comes to small get aways. Even if it is just up to Park City for the night.
17. You love the outdoors and camping.
18. You seem genuinely interested in all my sports teams...even if I know you don't care.
19. You leave me love notes in my car, my notebook, my luggage, and everywhere else you can think of for me to find. You never let me forget how much you love me. ( I hope I never let you forget either.)
20. You were heart broken when you decided to sell your car. Yes, I love that about you.
21. You aspire to be so many things and writing is one of your greatest passions.
22. I love the way you think you are manipulating me into a decision. I know what you are doing, but I want the same thing so I let it happen. ;)
23. You NEVER give up on anyone or anything.
24. You remember every one's name and always have a sincere kind word for them.
25. You make me feel like you WANT to be with me everyday; and you want to start a family with me.
Well, I could easily go on, but had best stop before I get too sappy and 25 just seems to be a good number to stop on for some reason. ;) I love you very much and can't wait to spend all my days with you and our soon to be family. Happy Birthday my Wonder Woman.

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