Jun 4, 2011

Yard Works

I am one of those green thumbed crazy folks who really loves yard work. I love pulling on the gloves, grabbing a spade and a rake, and getting down and dirty. I love growing seeds, mowing the lawn, setting the sprinklers. I love it all. These last few weekends the family and I have worked our butts off outside and things are finally looking good.
First off is always my Parent's garden. There's is easily the largest and most productive plot of land. Every year they get tomatoes galore and that means bowls and blows of summer salsa. This is why I allow their yard to take first priority as far as weeding, planting, and watering goes. Also, since I didn't have money for a real life Mother's Day present, my manual labor was all I had to offer. Fortunately Mom thinks that is the best kind of present anyways. So it was perfect.
Next weekend was my poor excuse for a yard and garden. I love my family. They all came over to help with the carnival and ended up doing a ton of work on my yard and garden. I needed the help too, because with baby getting a little more bumpier it is hard to squat and bend like I used to. Granted, it is not as hard as it could be, but I still wear out pretty fast. This year we are trying watermelon, cucumber, pepperoncini, lettuce, broccoli, and herbs. Our strawberries are actually growing in the front yard and I was thrilled why they started growing and growing all on their own. I am already seeing sprouts and my mom contributed some extra big tomato plants, which I love. I cannot wait to see how things grow this year.
Finally we spent this last weekend getting Gran's yard looking spectacular. After spin class I headed over, but had to stop at Kneaders for breakfast first. The the Little Brother Sidekick mowed while Dad and I pulled weeds and trimmed rose bushes. Then we tackled this huge rocky, weedy pile on the side yard. It looks fantastic. The pots are filled with all new, beautiful flowers. The bushes are trimmed, the yard looking immaculate. I love it.

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