May 4, 2011

My Apologies

I am sending out this note in regard to my recent blogging hiatus. So sorry blog family, it has not been a good month for trying to keep up on life, work, money, freelance writing, and this wee little blog on top of it all. I have been doing alot of blog reading, don't you worry about that, but writing, not so much. Hopefully this little blank space in the blog file is over.

In other news, here is an announcement, one that might make you a little more sympathetic to my hiatus status. Today the hubby and I visited the doctor and there was a baby inside me! Surprise! No, I don't mean it was a surprise for us, I just mean that is why I have been a little off the blogging map lately. I feel ick and that never makes for good pictures or posts. I am tired and cranky. I make The Superman bring food to my work because by noon I am already out of the tote full of snacks I packed. I eat and eat and then feel like a barge. I get home from work work and have to do freelance work. Then I sleep. So again, apologies. I will try to post a bit more often, just don't expect any fat belly pictures until this roll starts looking more like a bump.

But, to wet your appetites, I do have some things for you to look forward to on this blog coming up.

First, gardening! I love to garden, as you will soon find out. I love spring, and sun, and blue sky, and all things nature. I already have a row of cups lined on my window ledge, seeds sprouting.

Next, the gauntlet is thrown. The Superman has been trying for as long as we've been married (almost five years) to loose weight, but guess what? It hasn't been happening. So I challenged him to a duel. For every pound I gain during pregnancy he has to loose at least that much. Depending on who wins is the one who gets a good reward, but we haven't decided what it is yet. Funny thing is I am about 13 weeks along and have only gained 5 lbs, which is funny because that is about how much I fluctuate on a weekly basis. Anyways, you can expect anecdotal updates on my weight gain and (hopefully) his weight loss.

Also, after this horrible month of May is over I will have money again! Yay! This means more thrifting, more projects, more clothes. I for one am very excited because my pants are getting too tight. Do you think I can wear yoga pants to work? Hmmm.

Finally, I expect I will be doing more writing. Pictures are fun, and I hope to have at least one photo per post, but in reality, I love to write. It is my passion, my fire, my every living breath. Maybe, if I am brave, I will start posting some of my REAL writing on this blog: short stories, novel excerpts, poems, the like. These will probably be few and far between, but they are something I have wanted to add to the blog for some time now, and hope to be implementing them soon.

Anyways, love to you all and I sincerely hope things are going better for you. Spring has finally crashed into Utah and I hope it is here to stay.


  1. Congratulations!! Babies are the best. I'm kind of jealous..there's nothing quite like the excitement that pregnant brings. Hope you get over the ick and are able to enjoy it!!

    Thanks for sharing your blog with me :)

    Freckles in April

  2. LONDON! I'm so glad you found my blog so I could find YOUR blog!!

    I'm definitely going to follow you!

    And HOW exciting that we're on about the same baby schedule!!!!!!
    We'll be baby buddies!