May 4, 2011

Dear Baby Week 13

(Week 13?) Wednesday, May 4th
Dear Little Peach,
            Today we visited the doctor again and now we are a little bit confused about how far along you are. He said thirteen, but then also said that we could see gender in six more weeks. The reason we are confused because gender is usually determined at twenty weeks and the last time mama came in was four weeks ago and he said ten. So you are either thirteen or fourteen weeks, not really sure which at this point. All we really know is that you will probably end up coming sometime in early November and that is good enough for us.
            This time we didn’t have to wait long at all to go into the back. We maybe sat down for two minutes tops before the nurse came to get me. The nurse took my temp, my blood pressure, and my weight. I think I have only gained six pounds, so that is pretty good. The doctor was great, as usual, making sure everyone, especially Mama was comfortable and feeling good. He had me lay down and then said we should be able to feel a little bump. So he pressed down on my tummy to make sure you were still in there and growing. You are.
            Next we were able to have another listen to your heart beat. Papa’s face lit up when he heard it. He was smiling from ear to ear and that made mama smile too. Then we listened the placenta, which is Mama’s heart pushing the nutrients in for you. It was pretty cool to compare the quickness of your little heart to the thwumping sound of Mama’s.  
            Then the doctor asked if I was still feeling sick and I had to confess two days before was one of the worst days I had so far. I was very ill at work twice, and it was the stingy kind of sick that made Mama’s eyes water, throat hurt, and nose run. So then we moved to a back room for an ultra sound, just to make sure there was only one baby in there. Luckily it is just you Peach. We got to see your big head, your little heart, and a tiny backbone. We saw a little bit of a hand and tried to see a foot, but you were too scrunched up to see anything clearly.
            It was sweet to get to really see what your squirming little body looks like in there. When I told Uncle Lincoln he asked when he would be able to see, and Mama told him that it wouldn’t be until after you were born, because there is no way he is going in to the back room with me.
            So some things to look forward to: a carnival on the 21st, another appointment in one month, gender in six weeks or more, and Spring time!
                                    Love Always,
                                                Mama & Papa

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