May 21, 2011

This weekend we had a family carnival.
To preface.
Last year we had a neighborhood block party and the turn out was amazing. So many people came out to eat, play, watch a movie, and chat. It was the most fun I have had throwing a bash, ever. So this year we are planning to do it again. Only this time The Superman wanted to put together some carnival games for everyone to play. Nice idea in theory, but I thought it was too much work. Well, he had a bee in his ball cap and got started. He has built several games already and the actual carnival isn't until August. But he didn't want all of these games going to waste while we wait. That and he wanted to give them all a test run. So we did it. We put on a family carnival.
My family came to help. Here you can see my Little Brother Sidekick helping display some of the prizes you could spend your tickets on. Bit hit, let me tell you.
My Dad and Sister worked the Plinko game. I believe this is one of Superman's favorites. It was the first one he completed and you just can't beat the sound of those ping pong balls plinking their way down the pegs. This is also a fun game to race on.
Next up was the magnificent spinning wheel run by Mom. A lot of the younger kids loved playing this one. It is noisy and takes very little skill. In fact, most of the games are just up to chance. That is what I love. You just have to be lucky.
Just a couple of days before the family test run, The Superman threw this coin toss game together as well. I have yet to try out this one, but Superman says he believes the yellow is in the wrong spot. It was supposed to be the hardest one to land on, when in fact, it was very good odds. He is the mathematical genius behind all of these games, but it sounds to me like we will be changing the colors a little to make it more challenging.
No official title for this game aside from "Ping Pong Ball Drop." I know, it sounds super fun. I love this game. It is honestly completely random. Once your ball is inside the box you have no clue where it will bounce, roll, or just plop. Also, this game drives P. Potts nuts. She can see the ball, but the plexy glass is awfully frustrating and in the way. She still tries to snatch the ball, but never has any success. We also had a duck pond, a shoot out, and a bean bag toss. Sorry to not have any pictures, but I thought this page was already full enough.
And of course the prize table. You can not have any successful carnival without a prize table. Special thanks to all the in laws for hooking us up with these great things to win. The kids faces lit up when they finally figured out they could win toys and treats with those silly paper tickets.
Oh yes, and food. Lots of popcorn, chips, hot dogs, buns, and even a delicious Olive Garden salad. Baby and I were in carnival heaven. I think I ate about twenty pickles.
Success! All the kids had fun, and the parents too. Special thanks also went out to my family for helping run the games, clean my yard, and my house before the whole event. They are incredible, folks. I bet you wish you could have 'em, but they are all mine.

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