May 21, 2011

Dear Baby Week 15

(Week 15) Saturday, May 21st
Dear Munchkin,
            Today we had a busy, busy day. We kicked it off with a trip to Granma Lala’s house to get out some of her patio furniture. Then we added in a little family time and yard work. Next up we got things ready for a family carnival and planted the garden. Busy morning, like I said. I even put some highlights in my hair for summer.
            Finally the family came over for the games. We all had such fun. Gygi’s ran all the games while the Schade/Harmon side played. Your cousins were everywhere! I can’t wait for you to meet them all because each one is so very great.
            Your Papa made several games including, but not limited to: Plinko, Spinning Wheel, Coin Toss, Ball Drop, and Shoot Out. There were tickets to be counted and prizes to be won. The sun was shining spectacularly and the BBQ was delicious. Really, you will be lucky to be blessed with such wonderful immediate family, because I know I am. We can work hard and play hard, sticking together through it all.
            I do have to say that you did very well my little one. You didn’t make me sick or tired today, which was a nice change.
                        Love you,
Cravings: Burgers with ‘matoes, onions, mustard, lettuce, pickles, all of it fresh.
Sickenings: Giant worm as big as a snake in the garden. Ew!

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