May 20, 2011

P. Potts

I would like to introduce you to my Border Collie, P. Potts. She is a gem and I cannot, to this day, believe how freakin' smart this dog is. We got her almost three years ago when she was just a pup. We drove for three hours up to a farm and sat on the grass while two litters of puppies were let out of their kennels. I was in heaven, of course. So many little furry bodies scrambling, nipping, running, and playing. Then this one little snuggler came over to me, climbed into my lap, and just plopped down. She sat there while I stroked her super soft fur and I was in love! Her markings on her face, the little chaps she wore on her back legs and her white paws were to die for. So we brought her home. She was a handful at first and I wanted to cry many times, but she grew out of all the bad puppy quirks and now we simply are smitten with her, still. I mean, look at that face! I can guarentee you will be seeing more of her around here. Becuase she is impressive and a big part of our life.

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