May 17, 2011

Top 10: Bludgeon With Office Supplies

I work in an office, and if you have ever been in such a dull and dreary work environment, then you too might have contemplated this very thing. My job is not stressful, exciting, difficult, or even that important. It is mundane. It is the Scum of all jobs. Am "officially" titled the Assistant Office Manager, but that really is just a fancy phrase for peon. I do all of the accounting, and I hate accounting. I kind of was bumped up into this position, by no choice of my own, when there were three failed attempts at hiring someone competent. I always thought it was just a non-permanent quick fix. Apparently not, since three years has just blown by! So, here are the things at my desk that I often imagine banging against my head, or banging my head against. Granted, I am sooo very grateful to have a job. I just wish it were a bit more something I loved instead of performed daily.

1. Ten Key. It is a hefty and noisy piece of machine.
2. The Desk Itself. Flat and easy access.
3. Three Hole Punch. It is black and it is metal. Perfect for the job.
4. Phone. Ring, ring, ring, my bell.
5. Tape Dispenser. Full of sand actually.
6. Return Address Stamp. Mostly I just want to stamp it on my forehead.
7. Yellow Note Pad. Maybe a good whack from this.
8. Box of Kleenex. It is a double stuff box.
9. Stack of Prepaid Envelopes. A wide stack.
10. Keyboard. Not entirely useless in a fight.

P.S. Cynicism or sarcasm? I believe this post is full of both.

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