May 15, 2011

Pregnant Style Icon: Jessica Alba

, preThis is one good looking celebrity mommy, and the one person I often look to for fashion/make up guidance. She and I are by no means identical twins, but we have the same facial structure and coloring for the most part, and taste. I love her natural neutrals and easy up dos. Someday my hair will be long enough to accomplish such a task. Until then I will just have to stick with stealing her wardrobe.
Cropped leather jacket, slouchy black tee, roomy and silky pants, black flats.
I love the simplicity of Jessica's street style. She looks comfortable. This is probably the phase I am in right now; feeling more fat than phat, and the bump is more of a roll.
Cropped denim jacket, cute monochromatic print dress, belt, black tights, ankle boots.
I will most likely need to manipulate this look for spring/summer. It is likely that will mean lightening up the jacket, making the print a floral, nix the tights and swapping for some sandals.
Slouchy sweater vest, light weight tunic, leggings, short and silver riding boots.
Let me just say, I want those boots! So cute and easily remixed with so many things. I also really like the length of the shirt, not too short and yet not to the knees.
Loose shrug, slouchy tee, messy scarf, skinny jeans, and again those boots.
This outfit is great for the unknowable spring time weather, especially Utah weather. One minute sun and near eighty degrees, next minute dark clouds and windy rain that chills the bone.
Blazer jacket, loose black blouse, looped black scarf, wide leg jeans, sneakers(?).
Here the baby is getting a little more noticeable. I love the neutral tones of this outfit and it looks comfortable. Just the thing I have recently been in need of. My pants are getting tight, my shirts pulling in all the wrong places.
Loose denim button up, long key necklace, leggings, suede riding boots.
I definitely see the appeal in the casual chic. Too many layers can get hot fast. Keep it loose and keep it light. That will certainly be a good mantra for summer weather.
White beachy tunic, platform sandals.
I will definitely be spending time poolside this summer and I will likely be showing alot more. I love this tunic. The length, the color, the detailing. Yes please!
Grey dress, drapey shrug.
Baby is definitely a bump in this picture and Jessica is looking as cool and collected as ever. I love the dangle of her turquoise earrings and that mug, which is always in her hand it seems. Classy, earthy, pregnant. Yes please.

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  1. She has great style! I'm definitely aiming for a somewhat stylish pregnancy too:-) xoxo