May 11, 2011

Visit the Dentist

The dentist is not the worst place I have ever been. In fact, I am one of those weirdees who usually likes the dentist's office. Granted, I don't like the smells, the scraping, and the gross sounds made by some of the monstrous machines, but I do like my dentist, his staff, and the clean feeling in my mouth once the appointment is over.

Today though, I am slightly more inclined to really hate the dentist. One thing I really hate about myself right now is my toothy smile. I have a BIG smile, gums usually included when I laugh or grin. Add to that some not so straight teeth and the results can be disastrous. After three years of braces and an eternity of sleeping with a retainer, my teeth are still not up to par. I am to blame, but only slightly. For the last couple years I have been wearing my retainer every night, but I knew it wasn't doing any good. In fact, I knew that some of my teeth were twisting out of alignment. So now my front teeth overlap a little, my canine has rotated, and I hate seeing my smile in most pictures.

So I mentioned it and the doc tweaked my retainer, which I now have to wear as much as possible. I have to clamp it on when I get home at night and wear it all through the weekend at the very least. I have been wearing it 24/7 outside of eating. It hurts! My teeth are definitely being moved once more, against their will. I just hope that this time it is worth it.

So, if you see something orange and glaring on the roof of my mouth in future pictures, just know I am cursed with the retainer wear for the next few months. Ick.

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