Jun 10, 2011

Dear Baby Week 19

(Week 19)  June 10th
Dear Baby,
     Today we went to work, grocery shopping, and mowed the front lawn. I even swept up some of the clippings off the driveway. I know, so ambitious. All that must have gotten you really worked up because as soon as I crawled into bed you kicked me a good one. I actually felt it unmistakeably this time. Maybe it was a punch or a booty bump, but whatever it was I felt it. I put my hand on my belly and you did it two more times. Thrilling, to say the least. I have felt a little flutter and discomfort before, but nothing as distinct as what you pulled today Munchkin.
     So, I just wanted to tell you I loved your little happy dance. I wanted to do one of my own, unfortunately I am too plum tuckered. So I just talked to Papa on the phone instead. He is very excited and a little sad to have missed it. I am sure you will do it again though. I can't imagine it is too comfy in there and you keep trying to make more room.

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