Jun 10, 2011

Pregnant Style Icon : Jessica Alba Cont.

Well folks, she is at it again.
Showing me how to be comfortable and stylish while pregnant.
Sounds like magic to me. 
Unfortunately I think it is too hot here to implement all that black.
Granted black is slimming.
But lately I just sweat out in sun.
Not exactly the best recipe for attractiveness.
Another unfortunate is I am currently broke.
I can maybe manipulate my current closet to match these.
I mean, it could be fun.
cream top, shiny blazer, coral capris, sandal wedges

black tee, black sheer cover, slouchy pants, black wedges

roomy striped top, black blazer, wide leg jeans

printed scarf, long graphic top, black cardi, black leggings, black flats

In all reality I think I can make some of these outfits work.
And really, I need to step it up in the fashionista department as of late.
Most days I loot through my closet and yearn for another day in gym shorts.
The Boss would not think that very dignified.
So  every morning I get into a scafuffle with my pants.
I usually end up resorting to a rubber band trick so they fit.
Belly has been noticed by many friends and neighbors at this point.
Anyone else think that merits a maternity shopping trip?
I certainly do.

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