Jun 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

1. This morning my computer had a cow and I was quite vocal about it. One of my coworkers actually came upstairs and asked if I was ok. Obviously not if I am talking to/yelling at inanimate objects, don'cha think?
2. Today I mixed oatmeal in with my peach yogurt. Looks pretty gross but is oh so good. I am just now starting to see how awkward some of my other cravings can be though. Pepperoncicni salad followed directly by a lime Popsicle for dessert. Anyone? NO?!? Why not? It is so good.
3. Taking The Banker (aka Mom) to look at bikes with me and having her show me up with the sales man. It is already bad enough that I need a loan from her to get the bike of my dreams, but really, having her know more lingo than me? C'mon! My "thingamabob this" and "doohickey that" were no match for her "carbon fiber composite seat post and aluminum framing." Howie, I just want suitcase number twenty three, I don't care if it breaks down, my bummy gets numb, and I can't replace parts as easy. I just want THAT bike! No deal!
4. I really need new hair. Or maybe just a trim. Either way, bedhead each morning is looking worse and worse. And even worse is the fact that I come to work with little improvement. Not good.
5. Yesterday I walked to do my work errands. That was pretty awesome. The awkward part was happening to walk by just as a load of construction workers got off. I was wearing orange and fit right in, pot belly and all. It was a baby belly poking out day.
1. My new shoes. I am cheap, but have wanted some TOMs for a while now. Found these at the mall for cheaper, and granted little children in Africa wont get a pair of shoes off of my purchase, I am glad I got them. I think I have worn these five out of the last seven days, one of those days being Sunday.
2. I have a diaper bag people. Usually I might find this a bit pathetic, but this one is cute and I am "practicing" by carrying my things around in it. Turns out I will probably have to get another diaper bag for baby. We shall see.
3. Finally I know what it means to drive with a turbo charge. The Superman's car is in the shop again and since we are selling mine I was allowed to borrow a rental from the dealership. Snazzy! That is all I really have to say. Well, that and VROOOOOM!
4. I have a disappearing baby bump. One day everyone is telling me how cute and pregnant I am and then the next everyone says I am probably one of those girls who won't show until 40 weeks. Just wait until you see me after a full on Cafe Rio salad sister, then you will change your mind.
5. Eating a whole Cafe Rio salad. It is probably as awesome as it comes.


  1. London!!! I saw your comment on Andrea's blog and got super excited to see you have one too! So are you pregnant? You will have to let me know what you are having.

  2. "Eating a whole Cafe Rio salad. It is probably as awesome as it comes."

    HAHA! Oh, goodness. That IS awesome.