Jun 25, 2011

Saturday Jaunt

This Saturday we decided to take a quick drive to see how Utah Lake was getting along with all that extra water. The day was hot, the water was pouring down from the mountains, and we weren't disappointed.
This first thing we saw, and laughed at, was this guy plopping his kayak right in the road beside his car. We were on the high side, but at one point we nearly flooded the engine because of the water on the road. Many fields around the Provo River are flooded to the brim. We even saw some lonely floating camper in the middle of a marshy flood of field water. They probably won't be getting that out unless they own a hover craft.
Utah lake, in contrast to the usual puke green, was beautiful and blue. The water clear. Not a cloud in sight. I wanted to hop out and run for the water Baywatch style, but figured it would still be a little too cold. I don't think baby boy would appreciate being turned into a baby boy ice cube. Though I have to say, I did get a maternity suit this weekend, and am getting itchy to try it out. However, that may just be the stretch marks rearing their ugly head.
One of the best parts of the drive was getting on the other side of the Provo Airport and seeing this. All that fresh water where it hasn't been before. Superman, if he were a fisherman, would sink his line here. He said so himself. I would agree. Fresh water. Cozy little nook. A beautiful view of "Y" Mountain. Who could ask for more? Fine, I would certainly need a lawn chair and my camera, but aside from that, we'd be good. Oh, and maybe watermelon, and some lemonade, and a blender.
It was a lovely Saturday drive. Something I wouldn't mind making a tradition of. Next time though, I am so bringing a tractor tire tube and sunscreen. Especially if the weather continues to be 90+ and the sky continues to cast that alluring blue.

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