Jun 29, 2011

Dear Baby Week 21 or 22ish

(Week 21 or 22ish) Wednesday, June 29th
Dear Bump,
            Lately you have been acting like the biggest wiggle wart ever. It seems the instant I lie down for a break you start up the acrobatics. I actually saw my stomach jump several times last night. Do you know what this means? I think it might be time to invest in a body pillow. You will not put up with me lying on my back for long. You start throwing your fists and kicking those little feet. Obviously neither of us is very comfortable. So body pillow it is.
            One thing I love most about this week is the fact that you can hear Papa. When he starts talking you go nuts. When I sing in the car with the radio, nada. When I read the scriptures to you, nothin’. When I tell you stories, not a peep. Then if Papa puts is scratchy face close to my belly and starts calling you son, suddenly you can’t stop moving. I still love it, even though you mostly ignore me. This morning Papa felt a couple good kicks before falling asleep. I, of course, had to get out of bed, but it was nice to cuddle, all three of us.
            I still can’t wait to meet you. Now that we know you are a boy the fun is just beginning for Mama. I am in heaven looking at baby boy shoes, baby boy hats, and baby boy nursery stuff. Sometimes it still seems like seeing you in person is so far away. Then I think of all the things around the house I need to get done and it seems all to close.
                        Love you lots,

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