Jul 4, 2011

July the 4th With a Splash

This year the family and I opted out of traditional Fourthing activities.
No parade, no balloons, no fireworks.
This is something I am partly ashamed of and partly grateful for.
I am not liking the too hot days, and today was not exempt.
With the billowy clouds it was nice, but as soon as that blistering sun poked through it was hot!
That hate certainly saved by face from the red of sunburn.
Fortunately copious amounts of screen saved there rest of my body.
Bachelor #1 lost his beach ball a few times.
His alluring methods proved ineffective though.
Poor kid.
We got there early and staked out our spot midway between wave pool and lazy river.
Ideal for me, since I didn't want to waddle to far to get to either attraction.
We had a great time.
A July 4th tradition I wouldn't mind repeating actually.

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