Jun 23, 2011

Take Me to the Pool

Mom and I snuck away from our boring, inside jobs today and caught beautiful, hot rays poolside. I for one am giong to have a highly ambitious summer. My to do list includes sitting by the Sceral Pool, lazing in the Seven Peaks Lazy River, pulling three weeds a day, and reading at least one book. Unfortunatley I must also squeeze in some work, but it is all done in a chair, so I won't complain. See, told ya, ambitious.
We stopped at the friendly neighborhood snow shak for a Silver Fox. Then some little miss pool working princess told us we couldn't take them in. For at least five or six years I have been aloud to take my Silver Fox to the pool, and now she was telling me I couldn't? Right missy. Well I showed her. I emptied out my water bottle and scooped my vanilla icee inside, while her back was turned, of course. Voila! Completley stealthy. I had my Silver Fox stashed in my bag before she could even glance above her RayBans.

I have to say, when we first arrived at the place it was swealtering.  I am already acting as incubator to baby boy, but plop me in a lawn chair in 90+ degree heat and I am instatly a microwave Hot Pocket oozing and bubbling. Luckily the legnthy slathering of sunscreen saved me from turning into boiled lobster, even hotter than a HotPocket, and the sky took pity and turned overcast after about an hour. I had the most relaxing time. Me time. Mommy, daughter time. Pool time. Mommy, baby son time. All if it luxurious time.
I cannot wait to go again. The pool has been my friend since I was aboug five. It continues to never disappoint me. Friend, cool, blue and refreshing, I hope to see you some time next week. We really should make this a standing appointment don't you think?

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