Jun 23, 2011

Dear Baby Week 21

(Week 21 perhaps) Thursday June, 23rd
Dear Baby Boy,
            Today we took G.G. (she still doesn’t know what she wants to be called that Grandma of yours) to the pool. It was luxurious. I was a bit concerned about squeezing your little football sized body and my pumpkin size belly into a suit. We got it done with only a slight amount of tugging, wriggling, and grunting. Luckily I got a super long tankini a couple of years ago and it worked great.
            We got to the pool and immediately walked to the Freezie place. I got my favorite flavor, the Silver Fox. You liked it too! Trust me. Once inside the gate we lounged and swam. We stayed out of the kiddie pool because of a poop scare, but that was fine with me. It was hot, hot, hot for a while. Luckily the clouds came along and gave me some relief. It was a lovely time for both G.G. and I. Mostly we just napped. I hope you liked our little break. I know I did.
                        With Loves,

Cravings: Silver Fox Freezie
Sickenings: Sweet potato fries are still out

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