Jun 23, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

source : my dad took this while hiking last weekend. Stunning!
1. On Monday I pretended to be an already proud owner of a Costco membership just so I could get the strawberries and free danish being offered by a rep. Shameful really. The awkward happened when I actually took the coupons too and started yaking about what I was going to buy there this weekend.
2.  Gave a verbal survey over the phone on my ultrasound and felt like I was talking to Ferris Bueller's economics teacher. "Bueller. Bueller." I had to work hard to restrain myself.
3. Went clothes shopping the other day and asked the clerk about two tops I really liked, but couldn't decide. I told her I was pregnant and needed something with more room. Cue the awkward belly stare. "I couldn't even tell. Are you sure?" She asked. Now cue the awkward long pause where I stare between her astonished face and the bump. "Yep, pretty sure."

1. Superman got a baby fist bump. I was laying on the couch and he came over when I told him baby was wriggling again. As soon as Superman put his palm on my belly the baby boy stopped. I shrugged. Superman then proceeded to shout, "Hey baby! It's papa." Just then baby boy gave Superman one big punch, right on his open palm. We both smiled.
2. I have pants! Pants that fit! Yoga pants, but bottom half clothing all the same.
3. Went to the gym and totally kicked butt in spin class. I think there was only one guy in the whole room and he WAS a bit old, but still, I killed him. Sorry grandpa, you can't keep up with all this.
4. Superman is home all weekend! I cannot wait. The Plan: pool time, outdoor movie in my parent's back yard, and house work. Yes, house work is awesome when Superman is home to do it with me.

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