Jun 14, 2011

Today is the Day

Superman and I hope that today we find out what the little addition to this family is going to be. I am nervous/excited about the whole thing because not only do we hope to see gender, but we also want to see a whole and healthy baby in there. This ultrasound can in fact determine a lot of genetic defects, which scares me to death! But I also know that we are gonna love this baby so much, no matter what.

Sorry bout the old photo, but we hope to take some new ones very soon!!!

The Banker (my mom) is voting boy. In fact she has gotten me quite a few blue baby things already. And made a boy blanket, and some bibs. I don't know if it is her inkling, her hope, her wish, or just plain insanity that has gotten in to her, but anyway, she is excited.

The Pops (my dad) really has no idea. He says that just after he got married he dreamed about two little girls climbing in a tree, one with dark hair and one with light hair. That was when he knew he would at least have two girls and he was right, down even to the hair color. My little brother was not in the mix. Na na! But as far as my baby goes, no premonitions.

The LaLa (MIL) hopes for a boy. But I think she is just taking Superman's side on this one. Also, she hopes we can pass down the Schade name. Only problem, Superman is one boy of four biological sisters and one step sister. The odds are not exactly in his favor.

The Granpa (FIL) doesn't talk much. I don't really think he participates in this kind of thing. Party pooper.

The Raingirl (my older sis) keeps changing her mind on me. See, if I were to trust any one prediction it would have been hers. She knows things, ya know? But on this she keeps switching. One day, girl! The next day, boy! The next day, girl! If I would have known it would be like this I would have kept a tally and just seen how many times she said one, but too late for that now. She is even helping me pick names, but again, still wishy washy. Darn it!

The Sidekick (little brother) is begging for a boy. He hopes that the Bon Jovi concert we went to when baby was just a teeny as a blueberry the deal. Also, he argues that he already has a niece in P. Potts (our dog). So it simply must be a boy. I am pretty sure that he would attach headphones to my belly and blast boy music if that would make it simply turn into a boy.

Most of our other friends and family say girl. I think they do this just to rial Superman up. I have to say though, even though he won't admit it, Superman wants a boy but has called the baby a "she" several, several times. Is this the unconscious and unwanted truth leaking out? We shall see.

Superman of course wants a boy to carry on the family name and all.

I don't really care, as long as it isn't a raccoon.


  1. I just saw Lincoln's post on facebook!

    We'll have to arrange a friendship for our little people.

  2. Oh yes, they will be like twins!! Ony diff momas.