Jun 14, 2011

It's a Girl...

...with a BOY inside!

Today we found out what baby was and it was as thrilling an experience as I could have imagined. We had a student working the ultrasound with the tech sitting off to the side for a while. Which means I got to see my baby for an extra long time while the student tried to take pictures of this little wriggling break dancer.
Right after we got a good shot of the profile Baby Boy flipped over. It was so strange to correlate all that motion inside me, but only being able to feel little kicks and jabs once in a while.
We could tell he was a boy as soon as he whipped out the guns.
I loved the pictures of those flippers and it was so fun to watch Baby Boy on T.V. At first I had no clue what each blob and shadow was supposed to me. They did things like stomach, heart, C spine. But then they started showing fingers, feet, face, hands, and my heart was all a flutter. So dang cute!
Eventually he flipped back over.
Check out that spine! I don't know why, but I love looking at it.
Then his little hand would poke in every now and then.
This last one is a 3D rendering of Baby Boy. I can honestly say I could not really make it out at first, but then my family showed me where the face was. He was pressing the umbilical cord against his face.

As the story goes.
After I got back home from work Superman and I headed over to my parents house to share the news. We kind of wanted to do something special, but didn't know exactly what, so we stopped at Partyland. They had a baby section full of "It's a Boy!" stuff. We looked and looked, but the blue gum cigars were too expensive. So instead we went over to Ridley's and found just random blue candy. An Airhead, Tropical Starburst, Almond Joy, Push Pop--you get the idea. Then S.Man asked if we should put it in a bag. I said yes, because looking at his armload I knew we would need one. Then I said we should get a pink bag to throw everyone off. His eyes immediately lit up.

He said, "We should write 'It's a Girl!' on the outside of the bag, then put, 'with a boy inside!' on the inside of the bag with all the blue candy." I loved the idea. So we got our candy and ran back over to Partyland for a plain pink bag and tissue paper. With our loot we piled back into the car. Spen drove and I stuffed the bag and wrote our little messages. We got to the house and Spen walked in before me. The whole family was sitting in the living room waiting.

I walked in behind him holding out the pink bag. The first thing I heard was, "Awwwwww no. Ich. Take that thing back out." It was my brother, the Sidekick, not at all happy to see a pink bag. So I handed him the present and he immediately set it down on the couch next to him saying, "I don't want that. You got the wrong baby." This story makes him sound ten, but trust me, he is in his twenties. I encouraged him to open it. My mom was smiling, my dad was smiling, Raingirl was beaming, but no one really knew what exactly was going on yet. Hesitantly Linc started sifting though the tissue paper. He pulled out the blue booties I had stashed in there. He said, "Now I'm confused." He pulled out some of the blue candy. I tugged at the bag so he could read what was inside. I could see the revelation dawning on him slowly. My mom couldn't take it any more. "What is it?"

"It's a girl!" Spen and I said, "with a BOY inside."

Everyone laughed, especially me because we had actually fooled my brother, my mom, my dad, and my sister. The only people in the room who knew were Superman and I. We thought they would get the message immediately, but they didn't. I thought Sidekick wouldn't go for it in the first place, thinking we might pull something, but he was such a sucker. He will claim he was just kidding, and that he was just teasing about being disappointed with a girl, insisting it was a joke, but we all know the truth. We got him! Mom was actually working on a girl blanket despite her inklings it was a boy, and she was so happy to hear it really WAS a boy, after all the stuff she had already bought. My dad kind of wanted it to be a girl, but I am sure he will get his chance at a granddaughter sometime. Raingirl was thrilled either way.

There you have it. It's a boy. We are so exciited. We still have to wait a while to hear from the doctor about any concerns they might have with Baby Boy's development, after all I am measering two weeks ahead, but he looked absolutely perfect to my eyes. I can't wait to meet the little guy in person and honestly think the last half of this pregnancy is going to be the longest I've had to wait in my life!

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  1. such a cute gender reveal :-) Congrats on your pregnancy!! hugs!!