Jun 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thurdsay

1. Trying to take week by week pregnancy pics in the park, now that I am half way YAY, and getting the stink eye from fellow park goers. I wanted to shout, "Hey! Your toddler just dropped his pants and is weeing on that tree! Maybe you should pay your kid a little more attention instead of creepily watching me. I already know I am odd and don't need your gawk to prove it."
2. Wanting to cause a WWF smack down at Wendy's because I am so dern hungry. Get a move on people. this is FAST FOOD. Just pick something already and be done with it.
3. Trying to squeeze into not so "maternity" swim suits. Not at all a flattering experience.
4. Waddling. Honestly I am not big enough to waddle, but I find myself just doing it for fun. In the grocery store, while mowing the lawn, even up and down the stairs. I'm pregnant and entitled to waddle even if I've only gained five pounds, thank you very much.
5. Putting mascara on only one eye this morning and then spending the rest of the day trying to figure out what was wrong with my face. Blame it on the pregnancy brain.
6. Hubby has itchy, puffy allergy eyes and a constant runny nose. He always looks like he is crying, pressing napkins and tissues to his eyes. I just tell passers by that he is just "soo excited to be grocery shopping today. Tears of pure joy."

1. Seeing Baby Boy!
2. Feeling the little kicks and jabs that tend to always happen just before bed. I am excited to see what kind of tantrums the little man throws in the flesh if he already hates bedtime now.
3. Library audio books you can check out for free. Honestly, I visit maybe once or twice a week. What workday? It was like an eight hour daydream really.
4. Sensuous Sandwich. That is all I can really say here.
5. Lawn fertilizer. I know most of you would not put this in awesome column, but I do. It is like Super Star Fertilizer that has already started singing holes in the hideous clover within the first day. It has powers I never imagined. I'm in love!

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