Aug 10, 2011

Maternity Confessions

1. I am not in love with Maternity photo shoots. I have been looking and looking. I find cute ones here and there, but have yet to find an idea I absolutely love. Likely I will just set up my tripod and take them myself. Oh, and no neked pictures. My pregnant belly is nothing pretty, I assure you, and will not be caught by my digital camera.

2. The body pillow is not my BFF despite what other mommies to be have said about them. I don't sleep comfortably, especially if I eat too late. I am up, literally sitting up in bed trying to sleep. The whole body pillow ideal only applies when my hips get sore, which happens when I fall asleep on my side. Problem is I don't fall asleep, period. This I am sure will only continue after baby is out. I just wish I knew when my last night of great sleep was so I could have savored it.

3. I love breakfast cereal and yogurt, but not when I am pregnant. Every time I eat either one of my favorite breakfast foods I feel like ick. This is usually not cause for a tirade, but what the heck kind of food am I supposed to have for breakfast without those two necessities? 'Nuff said on that subject.

4. Stretch marks are not a myth. Granted I do not have any stretches on my belly, praises to the goddess of aloe vera and cocoa Shea butter, but I pretty much have them everywhere else I am getting wider. Hips, thighs, bummy. Not what I expected and not at all attractive. Goodbye swimsuit. Fortunately it is August and I won't need you much longer anyways.

5. Pants! There is no Sisterhood of Cute Maternity Pants despite the fact that I keep seeing cutie patootie pregnant ladies with the darn cutest outfits. Most of them look like they are still slipping into their regular jeans. I envy, hate, and sneer at you. I am 5'11" people and though there may be cute M*Pants out there I will not pay through the nose for them. So what did I do? Well the rubber band idea worked for a while. Not so much anymore. Dear sweat pants, I love thee, but work will not likely allow such shabby attire. So I caved and actually bought a pair of stretchy denims from the M* section. On sale, not long enough, but you will be seeing them pretty much everyday, so you might as well get used to it.

The End

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