Aug 5, 2011

Dear Baby Week 29

(Week 29) Friday, August 5th
Baby Boy,
            The dreadful day has come. Today your Aunt Whitney called and wants to find a time at the end of this month for a baby shower. Not that I don’t like baby showers. I love them. However, she also asked if I wanted the SILS to pitch in for a big gift or all just get small things. Then she pretty much told me the best and only way to go is with a big gift. That is all nice and fine, but I have yet to pick out anything for you. Thanks to Nicole I have an infant car seat, a playpen, a bouncer, and a jogging stroller. Aside from that, I have no clue where to even begin.
            So baby boy, my hands were finally tied. I HAD to set up a baby registry. It is out of control all of the things they have for babies now. Play mats, and toys, and bottles galore. Not to mention the bedding, the strollers, the wash cloths. My head has been spinning. It is really hard for me to pick out expensive things for other people to buy for our growing family. I would almost rather have no presents at all, but then you would come home from the hospital with a laundry basket for a bed. We probably can’t have that.
            Some of the things I picked out include an everyday double stroller, a convertible car seat, and a baby bouncer that is supposedly incredible. Those were the hard things.
            The easy things included a first aid kit, onesies, burp cloths, and swaddling blankets. With those things we know you will at least have some of the basics covered.
            Also, I think we have your room theme pretty much nailed down. We have known from the beginning that your room would house your Grandpa Kirk’s old plane propellers. They are huge and beautiful. So we decided to go with an adventure traveling theme. Planes, trains, cars, boats, and all the places you can go in them. I really like natural and neutral colors for everything; specifically blues, grays, greens, browns, and tans. G.G. is going nuts while she knits up blankets and hats for you. You will certainly be warm when you arrive.
            As you can see, there are some people getting very excited about your arrival. I am certainly one of them. Things are chugging along out here and I have the feeling you will be in my arms before we know it.

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