Jul 26, 2011

Thou Shalt Not Covet, But I Still Do

Let me introduce you to the new object of my utmost affection. This is Trek Lexa SLX, Sexy Lexy for short. I have been wanting a road bike for about four years now. Much study, much research, and much, much coveting has abound in my breast these four long years. Now I am smitten with this bike. It is elegant, speedy fast, and American Fork can order one just right for me. It is a ten speed, not nine. It can be used casually around town, especially right now while my belly pokes out so far. It can also be used for training and racing. It will last ages. It has a lifetime warranty on the frame. Trek Store AF will service it for an entire year. To top it off I kinda, sorta, almost have enough money for it (with hubby's help). With baby on the way I am oh so tempted, knowing I will never again have this much money for something so nice and ALL MINE! It also feels oh so selfish. I am torn, as you might be able to tell. Insert exasperated sigh right here. A long one, with wanton eyes and everything.

Practical. Yes, I can get around the neighborhood and to the store on the cheap.
Travel. We only have one car right now and it doesn't look like that will change for a while.
Together Time. Spen and I could ride together with this bike. Hubby/Wife time is always nice.
Exercise. I love riding bikes for exercise.
Scenery. There are soooo many beautiful places to ride around here.
Baby? With a trailer and a few months to sturdy the boy up we could all go.
Fun. It would be a blast to have this Silver Stallion at my disposal.
Maintenance. If anything breaks it will be less expensive than fixing a car. Right?
Racing. I loved my Triathlon race and want to do it again on a better bike.
Gas Prices. No fuel required aside from what my body can do.

Money. I am close to having enough, but with baby on the way I hesitate to spend it on me.
Mama. My Mumsy disapproves, mostly because of cost. Also, if I get one my dad will want one too.
Guilt. This will be the most I have ever spent. I just don't drop this kind of dough.
Useful? Going in to winter and new baby time. It won't get much use the first several months.
Accessorize. Base price of bike does not include peddles, shoes, helmet, bike lock, bike rack...etc.
Competition. Superman wants one too because I will easily be faster than him on this bike.
Construction. I hate it already, not to mention it makes it  more difficult to get places on bikes.
Waiting. I have already waited this long. Am I in a hurry? Sort of, but not really.
Cheaper Options. This is the highest end I can go for my bike. I could get a cheaper one.
Brakes. The brake setup on this thing intimidates me. I am so used to mt. bikes I might crash.

As you can see, I am still deliberating. I want it, but do I need it? It would be nice, but would it be necessary? I can almost afford it, but is that greedy, greedy, greedy? All questions that weigh heavily every time I consider dropping bank on this bike. The PROS and CONS each have a certain weight and priority. Maybe I need a points system. Needless to say, I still sigh. Dear me, what to do, what to do?

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