Jul 20, 2011

Dear Baby Week 26

(Week 26) Wednesday, July 20th
Little Baby,
            Let the craziness begin. We are gutting the whole house, just for you. We started in the Master Bed room and have been working our way from room to room. Man alive we have so much junk! Piles and piles of clothes and shoes have made it to Savers these past weeks and boy howdy I am glad to be rid of some of it. Of course I hope to add more as time goes by, but really we will just have to see how productive I am. So house cleaning, check!
            Item number two, yard work. You can pretty much forget about it at this point. I tire out so quickly now and it seems like every time it is cool enough for me to mow the lawn, it rains. Yes, I believe it is a sign from heaven that I should not be pushing a heavy load of cut grass around the yard. Usually I get the front done and totally skip the back. Weeds are rampant in our grass and it is looking a little yellow. This is because our sprinklers are broken and Papa hasn’t had the time to fix them yet. We need to replace three valves. Yeesh! Not excited about that, but something we will have to do eventually I am sure. So yard work, no check.
            Item number three is baby stuff. You should see all of the amazingly cute things they have for baby boys. Unfortunately they are also very expensive things. This overwhelms me and I am putting off the baby registry as long as I can. You do have some things already though. G.G. Shawnka is ready to spoil you rotten. I also snatch up cheap onesies whenever I see them for a reasonable price. So baby shopping, half a check.
            Hope all is going well in there for you. I can’t wait to meet you, but I am also afraid your due date is approaching all too rapidly. Eek!
                        Love Always,

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