Oct 31, 2011

To The Park We Go

This morning we had a visit with Dr. Willis. 
Yes, it is Halloween. 
My nurse was an indian. 
My Doctor was going to be a cowboy. 
I was still going to be pregnant. 
Good news though, we will head to the hospital tonight. 
At 9 PM.
On Halloween night. 
To stay over. 
Anyways, we decided to take Pepper to the park. 
That way she could get some exercise before the main event. 
She was thrilled. 
She ran and ran and ran. 
See Pepper run.

We love our little mutt and she loves us. 
She makes us so happy and we know she will be feeling a little neglected when baby arrives. 
My brother will look after her while we are in the hospital. 
It will be interesting to see how she responds to baby boy when we get home. 
I think she will do great. 
She will love him, protect him, and be his great friend.

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