Nov 2, 2011

Welcome To the World

Our little baby boy has arrived safely.
We checked into the American Fork Hospital at 9PM Halloween Night.
This morning when I visited the Doc he was a cowboy.
His nurse was an Indian Princess.
I sort of went Trick-or-Treating right before.
I went as a pregnant lady.

Anyways, that night we went to the hospital.
I was not, and had not been feeling contractions, at all.
We had a an excellent RN, Kimmie.
She said they were going to soften my cervix and see how things went.
They hooked me up to the monitors.
I watched baby's heart beat in red.
I watched my unfelt contractions in blue.
Nurses came in several times to ask if I was feeling the regular contractions.I said no. 

They were surprised because they were so regular.
I slept until 6AM.
Got up to use the bathroom.
I swear my water broke.
They hooked me up to make the contractions stronger.
The Grandmas showed up and knitted the time away.
At 9AM I started feeling things ache in my lower back.
They got stronger.
I hooked up to the epidural just in time.
Then it took until about 7PM for Doc Willis to come in permanently.
We were going to get this baby out!
After an hour of pushing the boy was born.
He got a little tied up in the cord, but Doc was ready for it.
Spencer was such a great champion.
Baby was cleaned up.
Baby was weighed and measured.
Baby was handed to me.

Date: 11/1/11
Time: 8:01 PM
Weight: 8 lbs. 1 oz.
Length: 19 in

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