Nov 4, 2011

We Are Home

It is so crazy scary being a first time parent and bringing baby K.B. home for the first day. He is all ours. We are all his. That is our family. We also quickly came to know a few things as we left the hospital, drove home, and tried to settle in. 

Here are some realizations that occurred to us:
1. Take the time and learn how to loosen the straps on the car seat. 
2. Construction makes you wish the hospital was next door. 
3. We are now completely, utterly responsible for this little body until GG shows up.
4. There are ten billion things you wish you had (aka a bassinet).
5. Babies can cry, a lot.
6. Vaseline is your new best friend. 
7. Night lights are also a good idea.
8. Diapers and wipes should be in every room.
9. It is impossible to sleep AND watch baby.
10. Day one is a great day.


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