Jan 16, 2012


Lately little man has been making many discoveries as of late. Here are just a few.

1. Smiles! They melt my heart. He has been doing this for almost a whole month and they only become more frequent. I think the open mouthed grins are my absolute favorite.
2. The desperate need for binks. He started off not liking it, then thought it was ok, now we cannot be comfortable without someone holding it in. Usually me. I never thought I would have to use the binks. Now I cannot survive one day without it! Fail? I think not.
3. Phalanges. These are the only real substitute for binks. Oh joy! But I must say, when he gets his whole fist in there it is so so cute.Yes we slobber, and sometimes gag ourself, but we love to eat pudgy fingers.
4. Grab and snatch. This maneuver puts Legally Blonde to shame. At first when he grabbed his little ring of keys I thought it was a fluke. Now I see he knows what he is doing. That was fast!
5. Chatting. We do a lot of talking back and forth. No words, not yet, but a lot of communicating. He just started bird squawks. They are the baby of hallelujah choruses to my ears.

Obviously we are extremely pleased with ourself. Nom, nom!

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