Jan 16, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

Monday, Monday. Some people regret the start of a new week, but this is not the case for the occupants of this little house. In last weeks edition it was mentioned that all the days run together and that is still the case. Superman is quickly running out of time off and we are on the home stretch. Soon he will not be able to spend his days at home. Momma and Baby are not looking forward to the change, so every day is precious.

Not much to report aside from a quick trip to visit G.G. again. More time is spent at the grandparents' than any other place. Baby still loves taking rides in the car seat, though buckling him in always proves a challenge.

Today marked the day of the two month check up. It also marked the day of immunizations. The appointment was early morning after a late and long night. Momma is disheveled, Papa is getting sick, and Little Man was happy as a clam until the nurses counted to three and then stuck him. Utter terror and pain erupted. It was a horrific experience for the mother as all she could do was hold his little hands and then cuddle him once the bandages were in place. Brave little heart turned purple in the face and Momma had to blow in his face to get things breathing again. Ibuprofen saved our lives, but not until they received the correct information on dosage from a nurse. Baby finally felt better just before bed. Momma had to have Cafe Rio for dinner to make her feel better.

Today was Granpa's birthday. We ate pizza, opened presents (only from my sister who still gives presents and puts the rest of the family to shame), had red velvet cake and some ice cream, and watched NCIS. This is what Granpa thinks all birthdays should be like.

Shout out to mein bestin freundin (spl?). Her birthday is today, yes on Friday the 13th. She is awesome, she is going to have a baby in a few months, and she is going to make one great mommy! Happy B-day BFF!

Another Saturday full of errands. We always get out of the house on Saturday. Family lunch at Golden Corral. If only I could indulge in the chocolate fountain! Baby boy, you are killin' me with this chocolate aversion.

Skipped church today! I have a little boy who I do not want to get sick. So instead we stayed home and took Sunday naps.

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