Jan 18, 2012

A Work in Progress

Sometimes it is really hard being a work at home mom. (I know, whiner!) Only because this little face keeps on distracting me. He sits in his little chair on the bed with me. Instead of writing articles I pinch the nose of Inch Worm and it sings. Baby boy does that face, and then we laugh, and do it all over again. Funny how much more entertaining my job is when my coworker is just over two months. Honestly? I love it! He is much better company than anyone else I have ever worked with.

I should do better at deadlines and content. I should really check my email more often. I really should just buckle down already! Really, I don't mind the work, we need the money. It is the perfect set up and I do appreciate even having a job. But baby is definitely my top priority, now and always, and I don't mind taking breaks to be happy, to know it, and to clap my hands with my boy.

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