Jan 22, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

Monday, monday. Even though I don't really have work, it is still great to have a holiday I can celebrate! My family was home today so we did lunch and some shopping.

The Superman goes back to work this week. I cannot believe the man has had 12 weeks paid leave to be with me and baby. It has been bliss. I will hate it when he leaves. So we watched T.V. and ate pizza today to celebrate some of our last few moments together before reality bites.

Not much to report in the excitement department. Baby hasn't had a dirty diaper in a couple days. I expect a blow out in the near future! Not my favorite.

Today is the official last day of my hubby's FMLA. This calls for family sushi night. We went, we ordered, we conquered. Tomorrow is dooms day.

My first day as an all alone mom. It wasn't bad. I just do what I normally do, hang out with baby. We eat, we play, we sleep. I get some work done with freelance and repeat. Today we broke away for a brunch with my friends. It was good to get out and see other people. Then it started to snow!

Saturday lunch at Pizza Factory. Lately I have been thinking they are going down hill. I do love me a vanilla Italian soda though. It saves that place for me. I also love the Never On Sundae, but didn't have enough familial support after their meals so I settled for cheesecake. Let's face it, I really was settling. Next time Sundae or bust!

Another Sunday sluffer. I am just too afraid baby boy will contact some disease from muggy children. Truth be told, the people in my ward are great! I love them very much and know they would never touch baby if they were sick. I just don't want to take him out in the cold really. My mom says it is a good call, but I feel super inactive. Family came over to watch some football. Baby boy had a blow out so G.G. gave him a bath. I think she gives him a bath every time she visits.

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