Jan 23, 2012

It Snowed, It Snowed

Granted, it is only a skiff, but it is something. Most of it has already melted, but in this shadowy corner of my house some white stuff still remains. My husband has been begging and praying for snow. Me? Not so much. Don't get me wrong, I do love it. Really love it in fact. If I could have a love affair with a certain weather type it would be summer sun, but freshly falling snow is a close second. The only reason I have not been begging for snow is for the sake of my sanity. I am just cannot be too excited for weather that demands I put a hat on my little man's head. He does not like it, not one bit. He bellows during every instance of hat wearing. Then he grunts and jerks his head back and forth so the hat slides over his eyes. Then yes, more hollering. So snow, thank you for showing up late. Now that you have visited could you keep it in the mountains for a while? Mommy would be much obliged.

 In other news, I would like to draw attention to the lovely owl on my shirt. I have seen these wise old hoots an awful lot lately. Owl jewelry, owl figurines, owl blankets, and yes, even owl couch cushions and candle holders. I am seeing owls right and left. However, though it is a recent trend at the TJ Maxx, this is not a recent trend in my life. My Gran and Mum have loved owls for quite some time now. This is because one of my Gran's favorite things to say is, "oh be wise." It is a scripture quoted many a time in our family, to be sure. She says it when we are driving on the road, when we shop for groceries, and even when we do laundry. My grandparents even have it on their vanity license plates, the love the phrase so much. So yes, I have long been familiar with the owl, but have never yet had one on a shirt before. Is it a wise style choice? Hoo knows?

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