Jan 30, 2012

Book Review :: Sarah's Key

Title : Sara’s Key
Series : NA
Author : Tatiana de Rosnay
Rating : 4

Characters : Julia Jarmond, an American of modern day who is living in France, married to a Frenchman, and losing herself in the history of the Vel d’Hiv. Sarah Starzynski, a 10 year old girl living in 1942 who finds herself in the middle of the Jewish roundup in France.

Comments : This story was so very good. Granted it was sad and clamps you in a vice grip from the beginning, but good all the same. It was also full of heartache, heartbreak, and heart wrenching moments. Do not let that steer you away from this book. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I first started reading. Lately I have been skipping reader reviews and the back of book summaries. Instead I have started to find books outside of my usual YA and Mystery genres. I have been reading to be surprised. With this story I loved jumping in with both feet; no previous toe dipping involved. This is why I have decided to alter the format of my reviews slightly, leaving more for the reader to discover for themselves. Well, getting on with it, this book is a story of the holocaust, but in a way you might not expect. It is the based in France, which makes for such an interesting commentary. The plot alternates between the past and the present. The heroine of our book is a 10 year old Jewish girl in the midst of the encampments who struggles to get back home and rescue her 4 year old brother. Our other heroine, Julia, becomes wrapped up in her story. 

Thematic Elements :: Violence? Yes, mostly holocaust related. Sex? There is talk of sex between husband and wife, infidelity, and the like, but there is nothing over the top sensual or scandalous. Skipping over some of those sexually uncomfortable parts is fine, the story doesn’t need them. Language? Probably, but nothing that sticks out to me now. Age Appropriate? I would recommend maybe 16+.

Similar : The Holocaust, the French, and the Jews by Susan Zuccoti, Sweet Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky, Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulks

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