Feb 1, 2012

Top 10: Ways to Tease Your Mutt

Meet P.Potts, again. She is our border collie and may or may not be named after a superhero's secretary. We fell in love with her when she was just a six week old puppy and have loved her ever since. She is brilliant, a natural born Houdini, and loves nothing more than a park and a bucket of tennis balls. She is also super fun to tease. Here are just a few ways my husband and I make her nuts!

1. Hide her treats in the bath tub. She loves treats and hates baths. This is pure torment!
2. Let her out on the lead when the neighbors cats are out in the back yard across the way. We have no fence so she sits and waits for them to cross our property line. It is usually a long stand off. 
3. Take the squeaker from her destroyed toy and randomly squeak it throughout the day. She will spend twenty minutes at a time looking for her toy and that is twenty minutes she is not getting in to any other kind of trouble. 
4. Laying a Frisbee down flat on the kitchen floor with P.Potts is like watching a person with winter mittens try to pick up a paper clip. Equal parts lol and shut the front door!
5. Running and jumping off the pier at the lake. Pepper loves the water, loves to swim, but will not jump from the dock into the water. She likes to take it slow, one paw at a time. She will chase you to the edge, screech to a halt, and do a hesitant crawl to peek over the edge. Scaredy cat!
6. We live in a split level, which means we have a set of stairs that branch up and down. The best way to make the mutt crazy is to stand at that fork in the stairs while she runs up and down, back and forth, waiting for you to decide which way you are going. 
7. Put peanut butter in her Kong, but then put the Kong on top of a shelf. She will do everything in her power to try and reach the darn Kong. This can get messy, but is hilarious to watch her creativity.
8. Cows! Any type of heifer or bovine and P.Potts is all over it. Unfortunately she is never allowed to get to close, but you can see the herding instinct quaking through her entire body. 
9. Ask P.Potts if she wants to go for a walk, but then taking fifteen minutes walking around the house trying to find the leash. This often happens by mistake because the leash is always lost, but P.Potts has no patience for such things. I should probably teach her to find the leash and then ask her if she wants to go for a walk. 
10. Cooking bacon in the kitchen, or any kind of cooking for that matter. I am such a sucker and always cave in and give her a taste of whatever it is on the stove, but first she runs through every trick she knows in rapid succession. Sit, stick 'em up, down, roll over, dancey dance, shake a paw, high five, and repeat. Love it!

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