Feb 1, 2012

Back In Business

For me it has been a long while since I have gotten dressed just for the sake of doing it. Usually we lounge around the house; no shoes, only sweatpants, and no problems. Ever since baby K.B. was born I find myself being less and less motivated to put on clothes. I usually like to get dressed, but it is just impossible to find motivation when I look forward at the day and see spit-ups and leaky diapers in my future. Not today though. I only made a short venture to G.G.'s house, but it was worth the effort of butting up a shirt and pulling a sweater over it. It was an accomplishment, to be sure. 

One thing I have noticed about getting dressed; I am more motivated to work. Freelance writing at home is just a step down from taking an online college course. All it requires is a laptop and fingers that move occasionally. Only for freelance writing there are not tests, making it so much less stressful than online study. Unfortunately it has been crazy difficult for me to pull away from the babe and knock out articles for my job. He is just too darn cute! But when I dress for the day I can sit in front of my laptop with pride, feeling more responsible than if I simply have on fuzzy socks and a tee shirt. So here is to getting dressed, lets see more of this in the future, eh?

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