Feb 1, 2012

Sister Time :: An Outing

Today K.Kay and I ventured out into the blustery weather for a small stroll. At first we were both just looking forward to some time out of doors. Can you say cabin fever? I hate dull winter weather and the inversion that comes with it. Well our simple walked turned in to a bit of a photo shoot when I pulled out my camera. We had so much fun walking, talking, and photo taking (isn't she such a pro? She took the shots of me.) that we have decided this little venture will become more of a routine, hopefully weekly at least. 

Growing up I distinctly remember people NOT asking me about her. They already knew her and loved her, not that it surprised me. I was always K.Kay's little sister, from elementary school through high school, to infinity and beyond. And guess what, I do not mind it a bit. She is so sweet, so caring, and the most beautiful and genuine person I know. I want to be just like her; no judgement, just love; no worries, just faith, no cowardice, just service. I remember my mom talking to me once, telling me how much Kelsey wanted to be me, how carefully she watched me. Just recently this conversation came back and struck me, again. In this life she won't get married, she won't have kids. Sometimes these thoughts claw at the back of my throat, and yet for her, she is just as happy as could be. She has her friends and family, and that will always be enough. See? Hard not to love someone like that. I really am so lucky to have her. And so I have vowed to do more to treasure her, spend time with her, and make sure she never forgets how much she means.

 Auntie K.Kay loves to spend time with my baby boy. Today she sat in the back seat with him and talked with him, held in the binks when he got upset, and tried to calm him down with her sweet mutterings. I loved listening to her sooth the little man. She really knows her stuff. 

Then we walked, like I said and will reiterate, through the blustery cold. She talked about the things she ate for lunch, how she called our Aunt Di at work, and how she cleaned the bathroom. I then told her about some funny things little mister did, what I had for lunch, and how she needs to come and clean my bathroom next. She laughed, then readily agreed to do it. I was just teasing of course, and I think she just wants to come and visit the baby again. Loved our walk. Love her. 



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